CrossLink NanoCoatings
A Distributor of Molecular Coatings and Sealers

The Technology

The Technology Behind our Molecular Coatings
Is What Sets Them Apart From The Competition

All other coatings just sit on the surface. These Molecular Products actually become

one with the surface to which it is applied, creating a virtually impenetrable barrier

of protection... Unlike any other product currently on the market...


We carry products for metal, concrete, wood, stone and circuitry, as well as its anti-graffiti and marine coatings which are non-breathable, waterproof coatings. They coat the surface of the substrate completely with a gloss, satin or

matte finish (which you specify) and provide a superior barrier against moisture, mold, stains, scratches and graffiti. Our coatings all have less than 100g/L VOCs, meet high air-quality standards and contain no known carcinogens. With these coatings there is no need for harsh chemical cleaning thus extending the life of the substrate.

Our Sealers, which can be used on almost any substrate – concrete, wood, stones and tiles - are breathable and water-repellent. They penetrate the surface of the substrate and are virtually invisible. They repel moisture, stains, acids and mold from within the substrate. They are ideal for use on historic and protected buildings. Our sealers have zero VOCs and contain no known carcinogens. They harm neither plants nor soil. They are long-lasting and are easy to clean so maintenance costs are reduced and the life of the substrate extended.