CrossLink NanoCoatings
A Distributor of Molecular Coatings and Sealers

Here is a Current List of Our
Superior Coatings and Sealers

Our R&D department is constantly improving existing products and creating new ones.

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Anti-Graffiti Coat – provides a thin, long lasting layer between the graffiti and surface to protect against any paint or ink used.

Concrete Coat – high performance designed to protect against moisture, oil, mild acids, abrasions and graffiti. It is durable, UV stable, peel and flake resistant and extends the life of the surface.

Quick Seal and Enhance – enhances the color of stone and concrete surfaces with a breathable, high-performance sealer. And dries in FIVE MINUTES.

Circuit Coat – From cell phones to computers to home appliances, it is a durable, tough and environmentally protective coating designed to protect and extend the life of many different types of electronic circuitry.

Multi Purpose Sealer – an invisible, breathable and high performance sealer. It is water repellent, stain and mold resistant on concrete, slate, grout, brick, tile and both natural and artificial stone.

Metal Coat – a high performance, quartz strength coating designed for any type of metal. Metal coat lasts for many years and it resists rust, moisture, salt spray, corrosion, acid rain, UV rays, oxidation, ice buildup and much more. It can also reduce the need for galvanization.

Vinyl Floor Coat – is designed to most types of vinyl flooring products by providing a durable, this layer of quartz over the surface which resists most scuff marks and daily wear and tear without the need for waxing.

Auto Revitalizer – is designed to penetrate into sidewall tires, hoses, shock absorber covers and plastic or vinyl dashboards and trim to restore and maintain the original luster that has been damaged by UV exposure.

Floor Coat H2O -is designed in lieu of waxing to seal and coat in one step most all types of hard flooring surfaces and will last approximately 10 times longer than conventional protective coatings and sealers.

Marine and Hull Coat-is a thin, clear, extremely smooth, pesticide free and heavy metal free coating of quartz that inhibits growth of most barnacles, mussels and other sea life from metal ship and boat hulls to provide better fuel economy and and significantly reduce cleaning cycles. It works on all ferrous metal hulls and non-ferrous metal underwater running gear surfaces. It is also a very effective coating for most underwater concrete surfaces as evidenced by use at fish hatcheries and dams.

Polished Surface Sealer-is a clear, breathable, water borne sealer designed for use on interior and exterior polished natural stone surfaces including granite, marble, onyx, limestone, travertine and more... It is a long lasting barrier that provides superior resistance to water and stains. It does not protect against acid etching on calcium based stones.

Stone Coat-is a non-breathable, protective quartz coating for calcium based stones such as marble, limestone, travertine and onyx as well as man-made conglomerates that are cement based. It also prevents etching on these surfaces by providing a barrier against stains, mold, water and food acids.

Tie Coat-is a very fast drying extremely thin molecular based adhesion promoter for virtually every surface. Tie Coat is corrosion, peel and flake resistant and is designed to promote adhesion of paints, urethanes, varnishes and most liquid based coatings through molecular cross linking of the coating to the substrate it is being applied to. No more need to rely on mechanical abrasion for adhesion. No more sanding between coats is required...

Wood Coat-is designed to protect wood furniture, cabinetry, decorative moldings and architectural elements. It can be applied over existing finishes and is available in a gloss or satin finish.

Fabric/Apparel Coat-is designed to protect even your most delicate fabrics. It provides a superior barrier against moisture and stains, but does not change the texture, look, feel or flexibility of the fabric it is protecting... from apparel to car seats...